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Health as it Happens: August 2010 Newsletter

August 6th, 2010


The Big Hush-Hush
What if the fertility issue isn’t with you… but with your partner? Men are often hesitant to take a fertility test. It’s threatening because a low sperm count can really affect male self esteem.
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40 is the New 30.
But What About Your eggs?

Medically, it’s a simple fact… your eggs are as old as you are. And that means a couple of things. Can science step in when nature steps out?
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Becoming a Mom After Embolization
Terry was recently married and discovered she had fibroids and decided on embolization as the best treatment option. Not long afterward, Terry became pregnant and had a healthy baby girl.
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Newsflash: Women are More Attractive When Ovulating
Research indicates that many things fall into place mid-cycle, when you are most fertile.
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Give Yourself a Break
Everyone knows stress negatively affects fertility. Still, couples trying to get pregnant often fall into a monthly anxiety cycle of ‘are we or aren’t we?’.
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In the Next Issue: Menstrual cycles, hormones, benefits of middle age, visiting your doctor & more…

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